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History: On the evening of June 21, 1909, ground breaking ceremonies were held for the building of a church for the newly incorporated Catholic parish community of Saint Mary of Rutherford.  The new church, a beautiful English Gothic structure, was dedicated to the Queen of the Holy Rosary on April 10, 1910 and remained the parish church until 1956 when the present church was constructed.  In 2010, the current structure was renovated and expanded to meet the needs of a growing community.


One of the first major goals of this new church community was the building of Saint Mary Elementary School which was accomplished in 1916.  In 1929, a high school for young men and women was added.  For the first three years, St. Mary Elementary School and High School shared the same space at 72 Chestnut Street until a separate building was completed in 1932 at the corner of Chestnut Street and Ames Avenue.


During the 1960’s enrollment reached a peak of thirteen hundred students in the Elementary School and five hundred in the High School.  As a result, a major change took place in 1970 when Saint Mary Junior-Senior High School was created by shifting the seventh and eighth grades from the elementary school structure to the high school.  It remained that way until 1984 when the seventh and eighth grades were returned to the Elementary School.


During the 1980’s, the High School occupied two classrooms in the Elementary School and five classrooms underneath the Church.  When the renovation of the Church began, the High School could no longer use the five classrooms underneath the church.  To compensate for the loss of classroom space, four classrooms on the third floor of the Elementary School became the Annex of the High School.  These classrooms are still being used by the High School.


While the High School and the Elementary School maintain their own administration, the sharing of programs and resources of the same campus has and will continue to bring many benefits to the entire system


Although there have been changes to the structure of St. Mary throughout the years, the mission remains the same:


To develop the inherent abilities of its students to think independently, communicate effectively and solve problems creatively within a framework of a college prep curriculum and Gospel values.


Enrollment: 300 Students


Accreditation: The Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools


Membership: National Catholic Education Association Bergen County Personnel and Guidance Association

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