The philosophy of the Mathematics Department is to enable all of the students to achieve mathematical skills, understandings, and attitudes that they will need to be successful in their careers and daily lives. Students are prepared for careers in the twenty-first century, especially in the field of mathematics. Graphing calculators are required of all math students.

All courses reflect the New Jersey Common Core Curriculum Standards.



This course provides mathematically sound and comprehensive coverage of the topics considered essential in Algebra.  The strategy of the course is to enforce the student’s mastery of math skills such as basic operations, solving equations, and evaluating algebraic expressions and functions.

TEXTBOOK: Algebra I Concepts and Skill (McDougall Littell)



This course ensures students’ understanding of the relationship between oral and written communications.  It provides the ideas of algebra in compact form with extensive use of mathematical symbols that are applied in the solution of a wide variety of problems.  The curriculum gives the students confidence in solving word problems independently and helps them develop their reasoning power.  Evaluating expressions and functions, using properties of operation, and solving equations algebraically and graphically are skills developed in this course. Quadratic equations and evaluating radical expressions are explored.

TEXTBOOK: Algebra I Concepts and Applications (McDougall Littell)



The main goal of the course is to ensure that students master key algebra skills, solve any equation or inequality and have a good foundation of the concept of function. The course emphasizes graphing and the relationship between graphs and equations.  Algebra II has been designed to make math accessible and inviting to a wide range of students regardless of their future career goals.  Students will review all algebraic methods while using technology and developing proficiencies and strengthening the understanding of underlying concepts.

TEXTBOOK: Algebra II (McDougall Littell)



This course is essential for students who have an aptitude in math and want to continue with advanced placement math.  There is an emphasis placed on word problems to develop the students ability to translate physical situations into mathematical sentences.  The student will be able to solve equations involving rational expressions, radical expressions, quadratic functions, and exponential and logarithmic functions.  The student will enhance their ability to reason analytically: SAT material is also reviewed throughout the course.

TEXTBOOK: Algebra II (McDougall Littell)



This is a course that provides a general survey of mathematical topics that are useful in our contemporary world.  Students will acquire knowledge of fundamental mathematics.  Students will understand and reason with quantitative issues and mathematical ideas they are likely to encounter in college, career, and life.  Students will develop problem-solving skills, while fostering their critical thinking.  Topics, such as, statistics, probability, number theory, algebra equations and graphs, geometry, and personal finance will be covered.



This course emphasizes reasoning and logical thinking.  It balances Coordinate Synthetic and Transformational Geometry.  The course integrates technology as a problem-solving tool.  Geometry is connected to Algebra, Data Analysis, Probability, Trigonometry and Discrete Mathematics.

TEXTBOOK: Geometry (McDougall Littell)



This course emphasizes reasoning and logical thinking.  It balances coordinate, synthetic and transformational geometry.  The course integrates technology as a problem-solving tool.  Geometry is connected to algebra, data analysis, probability, trigonometry and discrete mathematics.  The honors course is intended for students who enter with strong mathematical and problem-solving skills and who are able to understand new concepts quickly.  The course covers all recommended material.  The daily assignments include all the material and Algebra II Honors in the core course plus additional exercises that focus on higher-order thinking skills.

TEXTBOOK: Geometry (McDougall, Littell)



This course is designed for students who have a strong foundation in Algebra II and Geometry.  Taught at a fast pace, the course prepares students for Advanced Placement Calculus.  For those students who have the mathematical maturity to delve into the depths of complication, the experience will be challenging and rewarding.  This course is required for students who seek to enroll in the Advanced Placement Physics course.

TEXTBOOK: Precalculus – With Limits (Houghton Mifflin Company)



This course is taught with significant attention to precision and detail.  It is intended for students who are interested in the theory and application of calculus including limits, The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, methods of derivation and integration and a large set of tools for simplifying and resolving more complex calculus expressions. It appeals to those who have a strong interest in applied mathematics or physics.  Applicable Technology is highly incorporated in this course.

TEXTBOOK: Calculus – 2nd Edition (Houghton Mifflin Company)



This course offers a challenge to students who have a keen interest in mathematics. Calculus is the mathematics of change of velocities, accelerations, and rates.  It is also the mathematics of tangent lines, arc lengths, areas, volumes, centroids, and curvatures.  Calculus is a variety of concepts that have enabled

scientists, engineers, and economists to model real-life situations.  Calculus is a reformulation of pre-calculus mathematics through the use of a limit process that generates the two parts of calculus: differentiation and integration.  It requires an in-depth mastery of principles and applications of the complete high school

mathematics program and an enthusiasm to delve into more complex problems, which offer opportunities for mental discipline, as well as enrichment in the field.  All students are required to take the Advanced Placement Examination in May and to pay the fee for the test.

TEXTBOOK: Calculus - 6th edition (Houghton Mifflin Company)

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