The impact of technology and media on today’s society plays an important role in the education of our students.  Students are exposed to computers and media at young ages and must be informed of the power both possess.  There must be a good working knowledge of computers and an understanding of  all different forms of media whether it be movies, television, radio, newspapers, or the ever expanding Internet.



Computer Technology introduces students to the basic features of Microsoft Office, Windows basics, and file management. Develops familiarity with Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, Outlook, and Internet basics.  Other skills taught in this class include proper Keyboarding techniques.



This intensive Microsoft Office course provides students with an opportunity to gain professional skills in developing resumes and cover letters, spreadsheets, using worksheet formatting, working with basic formulas and functions, and creating various reporting documents.  Other skills include composing professional presentations that integrate tables, charts, and other multimedia elements.



This course is an intensive web page construction course.  Web Design includes the basic concepts of the HTML5 and CSS3.  In this course, students learn to construct and design highly interactive web sites using the latest features of CSS3 and HTML5.  Other skills taught in this course include implementing web pages that use advanced CSS, integrating user-generated content, and employing CSS visual properties.  Notepad++ is the main web design composition tool.



This course covers the basics of the .NET Framework and its implications on application design.  Through the use of the Visual Basic.NET language students will learn how to create simple interactive applications with a graphical interface.  Students will also create web pages and web applications for the school’s web site, allowing them to get real world experience and use out of the computing language.  Other languages to be explained are: HTML, CSS, PHP, Java Script, XML< ASP.NET, and SQL.  After completion of the course the students will have the skills they need to create useful programs and dynamic web sites.

TEXTBOOK: ASP.Net Unleashed, Stephen Walther



This course acquaints students with the fundamental principles and practices of accounting.  Business problems similar to those in every day office procedures are used as a basis for instruction.  The practical training includes minor duties often required of the bookkeeper.  This course will cover the role of accounting in business, business ownership, financial statements, banking activities, payroll accounting, payroll tax returns, processing cash receipts, purchases of merchandise and sales on credit. Ideal course for students planning to attend college to pursue a business career, or for those students seeking employment upon graduation.

TEXTBOOK: Century 21 Accounting (Southwestern Publishing Company



Prerequisite: Accounting I

This course will provide extensive coverage of accounting systems, procedures and controls, such as analyzing financial statements, controlling cash, purchases and notes payable, partnerships and corporations, and controlling inventory. Ideal course for students planning to attend college to pursue a business career or for those students seeking employment upon graduation.

TEXTBOOK: Century 21 Accounting (Southwestern Publishing Company)



This course will explore the formal elements of design including composition, color, texture, and shape in the form of applied visual problem-solving exercises.  Students will engage in hands-on design practices, develop creative thinking strategies, and devise solutions to visual communication design challenges in typography, concept design, packaging and labeling, billboards, business design,

and advertising.  The course familiarizes students with visual principles, essential software, and techniques that serve the basic designer needs.  Adobe illustrator is the main graphic composition tool utilized in this class.

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